Clear meat origin
You’ll always know what you are eating. We only source from specially selected high quality farms in Bohemia and Moravia.
Quality of preparation
We prepare our meat based on the traditional recipe, then ensure its quality using the best modern meat-quality technology.
We know our suppliers well
We partner with our suppliers. With this, we are able to ensure we maintain full visibility of the cattle process, ensuring quality is guaranteed.

Why Maso Klouda?

My name is Martin Klouda. I’ve been working in the meat preparation business for 25 years. during this time, I have worked on every position of the meat prep cycle, from butcher all the way to CEO of the biggest beef producer in the Czech Republic.
I understand that success is simply the process of selecting the right ingredients. We know that every customer has unique requirements. From Michelin chef to amateur cook, we ensure our business is always able to serve your specific needs and requirements.

Our company is specialized in the preparation of quality beef and pork meat sourced exclusively from Czech farming. We can offer both a selection of premium steak meat or meat just for stewing, cooking or smoking.


Maso Klouda, s.r.o.
Company address:
Šikulova 1436
666 02 Předklášteří
Czech Republic
CRN: 05569249
VAT Reg No.: CZ05569249
Business Register: Regional Court in Brno (C 96265)
Maso Klouda, s.r.o.
Business premises:
Křtěnovská 29
679 74 Olešnice
Czech Republic